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Mentorship program: Participation 2021

Are you facing challenges with participation planning? Are you unsure where to begin with your projects?

Public participation is on the rise and a fast developing field. Many of you have encountered trouble with your participation projects, whether in the planning phase or during implementation. It may concern the considerations you need to make for your local context. You may be unsure how to approach and engage a particular demographic. Or you’re at a loss regarding setting your goals and planning the project or evaluating its success. Such issues are common in participation planning, which is why we’re offering our Mentorship program: Participation 2021.


The program consists of five hours of training and advice free of charge. Our goal is to offer you a helping hand and teach you exactly what you need for your project. We have much experience with participation as a whole, designing participatory processes, strategic planning, evaluation and project management. Those aren’t our only areas of expertise, though. Over the last ten years, the members of our team worked on over 200 projects in the Czech Republic and abroad, which they have designed, implemented and evaluated.


You will be mentored by a member or members of the Participation Factory team, according to your needs:

Katya Petrikevich is a board member of Global PB Hub, a member of People Powered and has experience with research, process design and trainings in different countries.

Tomáš Rákos has worked on participation processes across Europe, Africa and America. In the Czech Republic, he co-founded and directed D21.

Míla Fekiačová coordinates projects in Czechia and Slovakia and manages a large-scope participatory project with Institute of planning and development in Prague. She also facilitates the international Billion Rise project.

Anna Těhlová founded and led the Public Space Network organisation, which transformed a large number of public spaces for the better in Nairobi, Kenya. Currently, she handles managing big projects.


If you want to sign up, all you need to do is fill an application here. Introduce yourself and describe your situation, as well as the areas you will need our help with. We will review your application and proceed to contact you to let you know if you have been selected.

We accept applications until June 15th.