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Navigating the Waters of Transparency: A New Joint Effort to Democratize Fisheries

Marine fisheries stand as a cornerstone resource, catering to the economic, food security, and nutritional needs of millions globally. Recognizing the pivotal role governments play in responsibly managing this public asset, the imperative for transparency and inclusion of stakeholders in policy-making and governance becomes paramount. Lack of reliable information and meaningful engagement not only hinders decision-making but also curtails the ability to demand accountability and create sustainable and meaningful solutions and policies. 

This is where the fields of transparency and public participation intersect and create a joint venture between Fisheries Transparency Initiative (FiTI), Participation Factory, and People Powered

Our pilot project aims to engage national stakeholders in the Seychelles and Madagascar, invite them to share their existing challenges and barriers for effective participation in policy-making and governance of fisheries, and provide them with space for co-designing recommendations to their respective national governments. 

The outcome of these pilots will be communicated to the respective national governments, inviting them to partake in a tailored capacity-building program in the field of stakeholder engagement and participation and receive support from our senior experts in order to successfully implement suggested recommendations. This approach aims to cultivate a robust understanding of participatory policy-making and governance, fostering openness, transparency, and inclusivity in the management of marine fisheries.

Participation Factory is proud to be at the forefront of this initiative, having designed the comprehensive process that includes on-the-ground workshops in Seychelles and Madagascar. Our commitment extends beyond the workshops, as we are set to deliver a series of follow-up training sessions and consultations. 

Stay tuned as Participation Factory, in collaboration with its partners, pioneers a transformative journey towards a more participatory, transparent, and responsible approach to fisheries governance. Together, we are navigating the waters of transparency, steering towards a future where the seas are not just a resource but a shared legacy for generations to come!