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Strategic Planning and Agenda Setting

Good policies and good political decisions cannot be made without listening to those who are really affected by the decisions. Participatory methods of collecting data from key stakeholders are an effective way to get valuable input directly from affected parties when developing new policies or adapting existing ones. 

What is the value of participatory policy-making?

  • Participation mitigates potential conflicts.
  • Participation dramatically saves resources – financial, human, and time.
  • Participation helps in increasing the trust of participants in the organizer. 
  • The final document addresses the real needs of the parties concerned.

Typical projects where participation has its place:

  • development of strategic plans,
  • including the feedback process;
  • regular production of action plans;
  • development of conceptual documents or agendas in a given area (transport, education, mobility, environment, etc.).

These projects require a complex participatory process, which is long-term and involves a detailed conceptual plan and design. We help you implement a participatory process that engages all the relevant stakeholders and uses appropriate methods so that the topic is discussed thoroughly, commented on, and validated as much as possible. Involving experts, stakeholders or representatives of the general public requires different participatory tools that we select and tailor to each target group and situation. 

We have experience with projects at the municipal, district, city, regional, and national levels.

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